What we offer

  • Customers

    • independent comparison of banks and building societies
    • superior quality of service
    • savings on interest rates and fees
    • flexibility in arranging meetings - time and place
    • comprehensive support in dealing with loans
    • aftercare during loan repayments
    • free advice and services of a mortgage broker
  • Mortgage brokers

    • unique methodological and professional support
    • regular training
    • all bank and building society products that use external sales networks
    • incentivized commission system
    • shared know-how
    • positive corporate atmosphere
  • Banks

    • processing trade and services to a defined GOLEM QUALITY standard
    • Complete processing of loan components
    • respect for bank standards and rules
    • cooperation with the bank and the client in meeting conditions for drawing down mortgages
    • long-term relationships with the client and the bank throughout the mortgage
  • Real estate agents, valuers and developers

    • regional and national responsibilities and cooperation
    • full service associated with financing the project client
    • verification of client and financing options
    • serious and long-term relationship
    • commission for referring business
  • Media

    • professional articles and market analysis of housing finance
    • regular commentary on market trends in the Czech Republic and abroad
    • estimates of future market developments and interest rates
    • regular monitoring and analysis of housing affordability in the Czech Republic

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