We are a Czech family company, which means maintaining values and a good reputation matter to us.

Our values:

The personal approach is not a blanket term for us. Personal relationships are the starting point for all of our business.

We are not built on transactions but on long-term relationships. Collaboration with our clients, mortgage brokers, and business partners is at the heart of our business philosophy.


We are leading specialists in our field, which, from our point of view is the basis for ensuring an enduring quality service towards our clients. In the last decade, mortgages have become a common part of housing finance and supply has grown significantly. Orientation and choice of the best solution for the client has become a matter of knowledge, experience, and professionalism

We are a family company with Czech holders and a Czech background. We are not influenced by shareholders, as with other financial institutions. We offer a service that is free of charge for clients in the Czech Republic. We get paid from banks through commission from each transaction. The mortgage broker is not influenced by the choice of financial partner; the reward is always the same.

We respect fairness, honesty, and incorruptibility.

We do things right. Quality is valued over quantity, and that quality is the key factor in our service.

We specialize in housing finance – mortgages and building savings.

We do not hide anything. We are open and transparent; we cut to the chase.

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