About us

The GOLEM FINANCE company is rooted in a basic idea: to deliver new standards for the financial sector.The outstanding quality of our mortgage broker service is the key strategy in the evolution of our “Vision 2015.” Our principles are based on these fundamental values:

Milestones in the company’s development:

  • Company founded in January 2006, definition of mortgage broker basic principals
  • The establishment in 2007 of a network of mortgage brokers connecting the whole of the Czech Republic, definition of work quality standards
  • Strengthening the position of MB in a time of global financial crisis and the ensuing economic recession
  • At the end of 2010, all processed mortgages exceeded the amount of 10 billon Kč. The company became a leader of productivity, resulting in the largest amount of MB mortgages to date
  • In 2011, the number of MBs in the business network exceeded 100. The company is valued by banks and building societies as one of the most distinguished partners in the area of housing finance

Company Management

Libor Ostatek
Libor Ostatek, ředitel společnosti
Patrik Hálek
Patrik Hálek, jednatel společnosti
Václav Ostatek
Václav Ostatek, obchodní manažer

Libor Ostatek - professional profile:

Libor has a wealth of experience in mortgage financing both in the CR and abroad. He has specialized in the mortgage field since 1995, starting his career in Investiční Banka where he worked until 1995. Since then his main focus has been on mortgage financing. He also played a key part in introducing mortgages into Czech society. He has attended work placements in Canada, Germany and Switzerland, and in 2005 after his return to the CR, he left the banking sector and founded the NEWVALUES company. He subsequently established GF - the company where he now works.

He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (1986 - 1991) at the Czech Technical University in Prague and he holds a postgraduate degree in banking (1993 - 1994) from the University of Economics in Prague.

Patrik Hálek - professional profile:

Patrik has been doing business in the field of purchases and sales of goods since 1990, mainly dealing with imports and its wholesale and detailed distribution within the Czech market. In 1996, he started up a project concerning non-standard distribution for the WARNER BROS CZ company. In this capacity, he has assumed responsibility for other regular comprehensive distribution services, which he now provides via new mobile technology sales and qualified salesmen.

He joined GF in 2006 with the aim of completing and developing the sales network. He organized standards connected with MB quality and service in order to reach the given strategic goals of GF. In 2007, he became a partner of GF.

Václav Ostatek - professional profile:

Václav has been working in the mortgage business since 2006 when he joined the GF company, founded by his son Libor Ostatek. Until then, he worked as a manager for large engineering firms in Polička, and later in Prague where he was in charge of sales departments.

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