Code of ethics

Values and principles of the mortgage broker’s work at GOLEM FINANCE

  1. We look for the best solution in every circumstance for our clients. We take personal responsibility for any individual suggestion or solution for our client; we always look for an optimal solution in consideration of our client’s needs and abilities.

  2. Our client’s satisfaction is our main goal. We act towards the benefit of our clients. We put their interests and terms as our priority. It is our duty to inform our client when it is obvious that his/her debt is untenable and in cases when he/she is not able to repay it.

  3. We are professionals. We act competently, professionally, and honestly in accordance with the law of the Czech Republic, and all standards of social behavior. We follow given conventions and agreed terms.

  4. We do not distinguish between our clients. We apply a professional and equal attitude towards all clients. We do not allow for differences based on racial, national, or political backgrounds, nor based on beliefs or minority affiliations.

  5. We pride ourselves on mutual trust and long-term partnerships. We actively seek out the individual needs of our clients, we give them a space for expressing themselves; we listen. We endeavor to make clear and understandable the transmission of information and we pay attention to mutual understanding. We stand beside our clients not just when choosing the right way of financing and processing a loan, but also through the repayment of it; we are ready to solve any other needs.

  6. We deal with our clients in a straightforward manner. We inform clients openly and objectively, we do not hide anything. We take full responsibility for information provided. If we are not sure about the information, we always check it.

  7. Our specialty is housing finance. We provide a consultancy service and solution only in the fields where we have knowledge; if not, we provide information only.

  8. We permanently educate ourselves. We constantly increase our professional qualifications and we keep updated on market events. We are experts in the field of mortgage financing and in finding the best solutions for our clients.

  9. Personal data are safe with us. We consistently keep our clients’ information private and we strictly respect banking and trade secrets . We join the principles and rules of banking and trade secrets. We always ask for our client’s signature allowing us to process their personal information in accordance with law 101.

  10. We do not tolerate misleading tactics. Neither on our side nor on the client’s. In situations that could be perceived as an act that misleads, or an act of dishonesty, fraud or any kind of bribery, we end all cooperation. We warn the headquarters of GOLEM FINANCE and the relevant financial partner.

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